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Meet the Team

Group 1 success is rooted in its effective Ex miltary management structure and operational teams. Senior Managers and Directors are available for client contact 24 hours a day. At Group 1 we pride ourselves on being accredited and certified by those who legislate and regulate our industry. We guarantee a high quality client focused approach as standard.



Managing Director

Ex Army 

  • Directs and supervises the activities of staff

  • Provides guidance for workers as needed and approves training opportunities

  • Implements company policies

  • Delegates duties among staff members

  • Maintains budgets for managed entity as well as the individual projects it takes on

  • Monitors costs against budget

  • Makes key decisions for managed entity

  • Researches and analyses industry, market, and competitors to make informed strategy decisions

  • Creates initiatives to take advantage of market opportunities, reduce operational threats, forestall business risks, and maximises core strengths

  • Identifies core competencies and defines operational goals

  • Liaisons with Board of Directors to make sure all efforts are in alignment

General Manager

Company Duties

  • Day to day running of the company

  • Reporting to Directors

  • Department leads report on a weekly basis with regard to performance.

  • Setting strategic goals for the organisation in conjunction with Directors and disseminating the information across all levels of the organisation.

  • Helping departmental managers set goals for their teams & goal setting.

  • Producing monthly management accounts

Key Responsibilities

  • Liaising with financiers and providing information.

  • Engaging suppliers and the subsequent management of their contract delivery.

  • Keeping abreast of legislation changes both within the Security Industry and the wider business and employment law.

  • Representation the organisation at forums

  • Setting Budgets.

Business Development and Operations Manager

Company Duties

  • Customer Liaison including SLA and KPI Reporting

  • Overall Management of Operations Department overseeing the day to day running of the Control Room, Management and Supervisory Personnel. Aided with a customer management tool (VPETS) developed to record, monitor and improve performance, personnel welfare and ensure service delivery

  • Company Representative for Audits and Accreditation and lead on policy and procedural development in support of this role.

  • Company Health and Safety Representative

  • Develop new business opportunities and aid customer retention

  • Support the sales team with industry and product specific knowledge

Key Responsibilities

  • Service performance in conjunction with company critical success factors

  • Monitoring and implementing Operational Procedures to support the Business Requirement

  • Ensure adherence to Industry Standards and aligning the Business Management System with these

  • Enhancing accreditation and bench marking scores

  • Customer Liaison

  • Oversee and Support the Operations Department

 Security Systems Design and Installation

A pro-active, adaptable, conscientious and achievement orientated business professional with specific expertise in physical security project management and consultancy. Rease  prepares Security Audits, Corporate Risk Assessment, Security Threat Assessments, Security Policies & Procedures, New Build Project Planning and Security System Design.

Joe has worked on security projects providing security consultancy services in such places as Yemen whilst working for the UN, by providing them with bespoke blast mitigation solutions.

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