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APLH Personal Licence Training Course


Personal Licence Course Details

Take your first step in the retail and hospitality industry and get your personal licence.


The Level 2 Award for Personal Licence holders is a mandatory requirement to get your personal licence ✅ 


The APLH Personal Licence course is a statutory requirement for people involved in the sale of alcohol. It ensures people do so responsibly, as well as maintain standards to minimise alcohol abuse.




✅ Advance your career

Get fully qualified and start your career in hospitality or retail.


✅ License your establishment

Boost revenue while creating a safe environment for customers.


✅ Serve multiple industries

Serve alcohol as a bar worker, sommelier, or event manager.


Note: All premises with a premises licence will need at least one personal licence holder where one of their activities include the sale or supply of alcohol.



Create a safe work environment

The APLH course and licence give you the qualifications to sell alcohol legally and safely. By training for and securing your licence, you’ll help create a safe environment for your customers, employees, and co-workers.


Get Licensed says: This course is ideal if you’re looking to pursue a career in the hospitality, retail, or bar industry in England or Wales.



Avoid costly penalties

The APLH personal licence course is a legal requirement for people involved in the sale of alcohol.


Warning: The sale of alcohol without the approved authorisation carries a maximum penalty on conviction of a fine of £20,000 and/or 6 months imprisonment.



Personal Licence holders in Scotland

If you are based in Scotland you will need to apply for a Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holder (SCPLH).


Can't find a suitable date?  You have the option do this course via distance learning and only attend the examination at a date of your choice. Learn more.


Personal Licence Course Outline

The Personal Licence Course to hold a Personal Alcohol Licence runs over 1-day and is divided into the following units:


  • Licensing authorities

  • Personal and premises licences

  • Operating schedules

  • Permitted temporary activities

  • Unauthorised licensable activities

  • Police powers and rights of entry

  • Legal and social responsibilities of the personal licence holder

  • Illegal drugs, the effects of alcohol and disorderly conduct

  • Protection of children


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Personal Licence Course Assessment

At the end of your Personal Licence training course, a 40-question multiple choice exam will be conducted. The questions on this exam are covered on your course.


How it works

Securing your APLH level 2 qualification with Get Licensed is simple.

Throughout your APLH training, we’ll provide you with the training and guidance necessary to obtain the APLH level 2 licence. 

Select your nearest training centre, attend your course, and apply for your new licence!