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SIA Security Guard Training Courses

Get your SIA Security Guard Licence and work as a Security Officer for shops, offices and more...


​Security Guard Training

Are you thinking of working as a Security Officer, if Yes? Do you know Security Officers play a crucial role in our society by protecting public and buildings.  


We make securing your SIA licence a simple, stress-free process ✅



Career options available 

There are many types of roles available with an SIA Security Guard Licence, including:


✅ Manned Guarding 
✅ Patrol Officer
✅ Key-Holders
✅ Site Security 
✅ Retail Security Officer
✅ Building Reception


Did you know? Management level employees may also required to hold a front-line licence. 


Career Progression for Security Officers 

Security Officers can continue their professional development and become:


✅ Security Supervisors
✅ Security Managers
✅ Contract Managers
✅ Facilities Manager


Many if not all senior employees of large security companies started their careers in manned guarding roles...



Expert Tip: Getting a Door Supervisor Licence is better value for money than Security Guard Licence because it allows you to work in a variety of roles including all manned guarding roles. 



The Security Guard Course is required if you want to obtain the SIA Security Guarding Licence which allows you to work in the private security industry as a security officer. Security Officers can work in a wide variety of roles including static guarding, manned guarding and key holding.



NOTE: It is important to note that Security Guard licence holders cannot work in licensed premises. We, therefore, recommend doing the SIA Door Supervisor licence course as it is a better investment with more job prospects.


Security Guard Course Content

The SIA Security Guarding course runs over 3 days and is divided into 3 units:

Unit 1: Working in The Private Security Industry

Unit 2: Working as a Security Officer

Unit 3: Conflict Management for The Private Security Industry


NOTE: On the final day of the course, there will be three multiple choice exams.


We understand that examinations can be a daunting prospect but we assure you there is no need to worry. Everything you need to know for the examination is covered in the Security Guarding course and your expert instructor will fully prepare you for success in the tests.


Difference between Security Guarding and Door Supervision

You may be wondering the difference between Security Guarding and Door Supervision. It is important to understand this difference as Security Guards cannot work as Door Supervisors. However, Door Supervisors can work as Security Guards.

The first 3 units of both these qualifications are the same but Door Supervisors learn an additional unit (Physical Intervention). This additional unit allows them to work in more roles whilst also enabling them for Security Guarding roles. We always recommend the Door Supervision course over Security Guarding.


We strongly recommend all our customers who are considering the Security Guard training course to consider the Door Supervisor Training Course instead. Qualified Door Supervisors can legally work in all of the same roles as Security Guards. In addition, they can also work in licensed premises such as bars, clubs, events and festivals, which Security Guards may not be able to work in if alcohol is being served. A Door Supervisor qualification will enable candidates to perform a far wider variety of roles and will greatly increase their chances of finding employment.


How it works

The first step to starting your exciting new career as a Security Officer begins with your training.  


Throughout your SIA Security Guard training, we’ll walk you through the process, providing all necessary training and materials to help you get your Security Guard SIA security licence.

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Course Dates 

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