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Special Security Services 

Film & Television

We understand that whether on location or in the studio the production process is a very fast paced and rapidly changing environment. Therefore Group 1  supply experienced operatives on-demand, on-time and within the production budget., a complete coning service a vital part of any film production. All our operatives are experienced and skilled to carry out this task on any scale.

Close Protection

Assignments are often of an extremely sensitive nature. After carrying out a full detailed Risk/Threat assessment Group 1 will produce a comprehensive and cost effective strategy, ensuring the client can carry out their everyday activities securely, in the knowledge that their well-being is under the close observation of our operatives, who will conduct themselves professionally and discreetly according to the political, cultural and religious environments in which we are required to work

Surveillance & Investigations

Group 1 specialises in investigations using covert mobile and static surveillance cameras in both rural and urban locations. Group 1  achieves this by using the latest still & video equipment. We also incorporate the use of hi-tech covert electronic surveillance systems.

Asset Protection

With an ever increasing and sophisticated criminal element Group 1  offers an insured overt and covert protection service for high-risk valuable goods at static locations whether here in the UK or Overseas and during their transportation.


Special Events

We regularly undertake special events such as corporate functions, shareholder meetings, festivals, concerts, weddings and parties, the later are usually one off affairs and are often held in unfamiliar surroundings. Group 1  offers the client, discreet and efficient operatives to control access and protect their guests and their property.

Advanced Drivers

Whether business or pleasure we have fully trained and insured advanced drivers. We can also offer a large pool of vehicles to choose from, not only ensuring the safe transportation of the client from one place to another quickly and efficiently, but should a situation arise Group 1  operatives will react quickly and move the client to a secure location.

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