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Our Student Accommodation Security Guards

Due to the lifestyle of students it may come as no surprise that they sadly become prime targets for criminals and thieves with around 1/3 of students falling victim to crime while a university. Most students have their own mobile phone along with some form of laptop, PC or tablet which means for thieves and burglars that students are targets with an almost guaranteed high reward. Our Student Accommodation Guards are fully trained to acknowledge and protect against such threats at all hours of the day.

Preventing Anti-Social Behavior with our Student Accommodation Guards

Student accommodation and the areas that surround it can often fall victim to anti-social behaviour, particularly overnight. Having guards patrolling the buildings and perhaps even the streets surrounding the building can drastically improve this problem for students and residents alike. Having people of authority to control a situation before it gets out of hand can be the key factor to preventing anti-social behaviour at your student accommodation. At first glance, the presence alone of a security guard in the area can help to prevent such behaviour from happening in the first place as they should be clearly uniformed and easy to identify.

If incidents to happen to occur, Security Guards are a good, professional and trustworthy witness to have at the scene, as they will carry no bias and can gather evidence of any such anti-social behaviour to present to campus bosses.

This information alone is often enough to ward students off being involved in any such behavior as it is highly unlikely that they will want to put their place at university at risk. Many crimes witnessed by students can also go unreported which allows criminals to continue their behavior at student accommodation sites with the attitude that students are easy targets that pose a low risk to them and therefore less chance of consequences.

Security Guards would not be able to simply ignore an incident as here, at Group 1 Training and Security , it is within our policy that our guards must report any incidents or strange behavior while they are on the job with no exceptions.

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