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Why Use Us

There are many reasons why we feel you should use Group 1 for your ,Security Guarding Event Security/Stewarding, Storage Security/Stewarding, Stadium Security, Arena Security, Special Event Security and Training Services.

We are a Ex Military Provider but However, the main reason why we feel you should use us is because we provide a service that very often far exceeds the needs and expectations of our customers.

Rather than us telling you about why you should use Group 1 security  look at our reviews 

As well as highly satisfied clients, here are just a few other benefits you would receive by using Group 1 Security 

  • Free Security Surveys – You can benefit from FREE advice and guidance at your premises from our team of qualified and experienced security professionals

  • You receive fast and easy solutions to you and your businesses security needs

  • Hard to beat prices guaranteed. You will benefit from the highest levels of security and service at a figure you can afford.

  • Your business is safe and secure

  • We use Ex Military Personell so our compay is run Regimental 

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